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Mexico City

Four days in Mexico 🇲🇽


Plaza of Three Circles – Historic grounds including where the Tlatelolco Massacre took place in 1868.



Coverage with Snap Specs 😎

Square of the Americas.
Had a moment with Lady Guadeloupe.
How paper was first made in Mexico.


Conquering Pyramids. Standing on ‘The Pyramid of the Moon’

Museum of Anthropology

It’s a celebration leading up to Mexico’s Independence Day – Sept. 16. Festivities downtown with entertainment, food, vendors & decorations.

Enchiladas for breakfast w/ the best Cafe Americano I’ve ever had.

View of Mexico City from Hotel Benidorm.

Rainy season in Mexico is from May – September. Temperatures range from 60 – 75 degrees with rain expected every afternoon/evening.


Half Time: Summer ’17

Summer is half way over and it’s been quite eventful. Take a look at my photo gallery to get the picture.


​   happy birthday to me 🎈

New to N.O.L.A.

My first visit to New Orleans last month explained why people have found reasons to go back. After the latest girls trip with my besties, I’m pretty sure I’ll find a a reason to venture back to ‘NOLA.’ The number one reason? FOOD! Not a surprise right? Most people will tell you how great the food is in this southern city, but you really can’t appreciate it until you experience it for yourself. I can’t say that I was disappointed in not one dish – there were many. With all the restaurants to choose from, it’s hard  to decide which to try in a small amount of time. Let’s not forget ‘speciality beverages.’ How could I go to NOLA and not try a Hurricane?! Trust me when I say, one was enough.

From live bands in the French Quarter to the infamous bustling on Bourbon Street, New Orleans is a stateside visit that has enough excitement during the day or night.




Places visited:

The Moxy Hotel

Court of Two Sister’s – Jazz Brunch

Steamboat Natchez


ACME Oyster House (not pictured above)



On Saturday, Bailey’s Bay and St. David’s battled on the cricket field in what one would consider to be the semi-finals of the County Game series. Teams representing different areas of Bermuda play in matches throughout the Summer for possesion of the championship cup. 

I’m not a cricket expert in fact, I rarely watch the sport, but this game was a good one with St. David’s pulling through for the win from being behind by about 26 runs. 

The games are also a social experience with plenty spectators, food and music.

Chicago, Oh?!

My first trip to downtown Chicago was filling to say the least. My good friend @thankUforfoodz (Twitter) made sure that I indulged in the Chicago classics including stuffed pizza from Giordanno’s and the Chicago style hot dog from Portillos.
We even did a walk through of Eataly and grabbed a snack at the newly opened Latinicity.

Latinicity, wall art.
Grab and Go: Chicago Style Hot Dog & Onion Rings


What’s a visit to downtown Chicago without a stroll around the Millennium Park? It’s a great atmosphere with lots to take in. I made the mistake of going to the Art Institute of Chicago mid-day when I should’ve gone first thing in the morning. There was so much to see. I took in all that I could and was exhausted by the end of it but not too exhausted for the next adventure of looking for Coco’s Deep Fried Lobster. Just as I arrived, someone had placed a huge order of the  lobster and didn’t leave any for me. So, without disappointment, I ordered fried shrimp, fish, collard greens and french fries to share with @thankUforfoodz.

Staring at The Bean



On the way to Coco’s I stumbled upon Merz Apothecary full of an assortment of natural soaps and products. My excitement for natural soaps has become a real thing. Especially after finding the cutest soap made in Germany in the shape of an angel. It doesn’t last long but the scent is amazing and worth the short time spent together. The Apothecary is also where I discovered Olbas Natural Nasal Inhaler, for my unruly sinuses. Soothing and provides temporary relief, it doesn’t leave my purse.

from the snapchat @one_mille
Angel Soap
Heavenly scented Angel Soap


We caught an improv Shakespeare show at the iO Theater where many comedic legends have performed. The show was hilarious. I was impressed with how well the actors worked together and came up with jokes- in Shakespeare.

After a member of the audience suggested Blockbuster as the theme for the entire show, the moral of the story was  Don’t be Blockbuster, be Netflix! (Let’s be real, nothing was wrong with Blockbuster back when. It had its day, but now Netflix owns the meaning of chill).

On top of all of the sightseeing and eating, my dear friend @thankUforfoodz hosted a Game of Thrones dinner party. She made jambalaya, cornbread, salad and rice. Her friends came over with dessert (the best assortment of frozen yogurt I’ve ever had. Ever.), wine and other munchies. Real #GOT fans can get together anywhere and bond over theories and jaw dropping moments from previous episodes.


Chicago nightlife with @thankUforfoodz Besties since the 8th grade

This city has so much to see…and eat. I have to get back for more experiences.