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Lobster Season

Bermuda lobster season is here again! The Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant serves a delicious and tender stuffed broiled lobster along with other dishes that won’t disappoint. 

Red Carpet fills its quaint space with a special ambiance and top notch customer service that’s hard to beat. Be prepared for a bit of a wait for your main course though – with the diverse wine selection, it shouldn’t be a problem. Quality shouldn’t be rushed. 

Prices range so, be sure to dine with someone special. 

Shrimp Tempura, Mussels in white wine sauce
Broiled Lobster, baked potato, mixed veggies
Chocolate Truffle topped w/Vanilla Ice Cream. Be careful, this dessert is very rich.



On Saturday, Bailey’s Bay and St. David’s battled on the cricket field in what one would consider to be the semi-finals of the County Game series. Teams representing different areas of Bermuda play in matches throughout the Summer for possesion of the championship cup. 

I’m not a cricket expert in fact, I rarely watch the sport, but this game was a good one with St. David’s pulling through for the win from being behind by about 26 runs. 

The games are also a social experience with plenty spectators, food and music.

Heydon Trust Park & Chapel

During an unplanned exploration of Sandy’s parish today, I toured the grounds of the Heydon Trust. On the 43 acres of property you will find the smallest chapel in Bermuda, built in the early 1600s.  The property is an area of interest for avid bird watchers and has beautiful landscaping with an array of flowers and trees throughout.

Small and historic, the church still hosts services Mon. – Fri.

The grounds are peaceful and scenic with an ocean view near the Chapel.

A perfect retreat to clear your mind or take a peaceful walking tour for exercise.

It’s open to the public Mon. – Sat.




















Traditions: Easter

During the week of Easter in Bermuda, you will hear nothing short of these three words – Fishcakes, Hot Cross Buns & Kites. Yes – Hot Cross Buns! The island wide tradition is for households (and restaurants) to make Fishcakes (with codfish) and Hot Cross Buns (typically with raisins and frosting). Every Good Friday in Bermuda, people of all ages will fly their many variations of kites at beaches, parks, backyards and cricket fields throughout the island. My favorite part of this holiday is the abundance of fishcakes. Fishcakes will be delivered to many households over the long weekend and those who didn’t make any will surely stop by someone’s house who is promised to have more than enough. Food plays a huge roll in a lot of the holidays celebrated on the island. Although fishcakes can be found throughout the year, they are typically made the most during Easter.

Tomorrow’s Events:

Chewstick’s Bermuda Good Friday Kitefest – Horseshoe Bay Beach
At one of Bermuda’s popular beaches, Chewstick will host this event with a Kite Competition, egg hunt, fun races with music provided by local talent and a performance by the Bermuda Gombey’s.

St. David’s Cricket Club: The Gilbert Lamb Day
At this cricket club, families will also participate in a variety of events including a kite competition, fishcake & hot cross bun competition, three legged race, egg and spoon race, tug-o-war, pie eating and hotdog eating competitions and the Mohawk Grand Prix  Go-cart Race.