Went to see the movie 42 for a family outing. Great story showing how legendary Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play National Baseball for the Dodgers. Not only was he the first African American in the sport, he was an exceptional athlete.


I recently visited a couple’s home, which is currently a small construction site because they are building on to the property. Bermuda homes are unique and are one of the characteristics that people remember the most when they visit the Island. All homes have stone walls with a white roof. The stone walls are built…

Fish cakes and Hot Cross Buns

In reference to my Easter post, here’s a picture of fish cakes on a hot cross bun. I didn’t make them but they sure are delicious!

Speaking of Eggs…

The talk of Easter eggs reminded me of Mork & Mindy. TVLand Fan! Disclaimer: When I was watching this show they were re-runs, somewhere around 1993.