Restaurant Week: Bermuda

Devil’s Isle was the first stop for Bermuda’s Restaurant Week. I had been there to grab a coffee and sat down for lunch a few times but, never tried their dinner menu. Stepping through the door  immediately sets the mood for a mellow evening with the dim lighting and rustic decor. If you’re planning to have…

‘Tis the Season for Food, Food, Food

There’s no shortage of holiday parties this month, whether it’s for a job, a frequented establishment or meeting up with friends for a quick holiday greeting over drinks and/or dinner. With all of the festive lights and decorations comes food and drinks a like. No need to worry. That list of New Year’s resolutions will…

Bermuda Fashion Festival

Views from the International Designer Show – Wednesday, Nov. 1 Designer Showcase by: Evelyn Lambert SOKA Axil Swim Stello Los Angeles ​​​ ​ ​​ ​​ ​

Mermaids & Flower Power

      There’s an epic tale of a singing mermaid longing to live on land happily ever after with her dark haired, prince. This is a tale of an ocean loving queen walking the Earth in confidence, living life by her own rules – what evil sea witch? She’s stumbled a few times to…

Half Time: Summer ’17

Summer is half way over and it’s been quite eventful. Take a look at my photo gallery to get the picture.   ​ ​ ​ ​   happy birthday to me 🎈